Extraction of molecules with high added value

We design and produce innovative biosourced molecules, through the application of processes that respect people and the environment.

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Multifunctional molecules

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We develop multifunctional molecules combining several properties for a single molecule, thus simplifying formulations. Their biological properties include the ability to act as anti-UV filters or boosters, antioxidants, depigmenting agents, as well as preservative properties.

These innovative multifunctional biosourced molecules will make it possible to replace the petro-sourced molecules currently used, and particularly those which are now criticized.

Florent Allais, CSO of V.BIOTECH, is one of the world's top 5 specialists in green chemistry. With an impressive career, he is the author of 21 patents, mainly in cosmetics, as well as being the founder and director of the URD-ABI research unit at AgroParisTech in Pomacle. In addition to his achievements, he is an associate professor at the University of Florida (USA) and assistant professor at Monash University (Australia).

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Our first axis: Extraction of molecules with high added value.

  • Innovative multifunctional molecules
  • Various biological properties
  • Replacement of petroleum-based molecules
  • Intended for environmentally friendly formulations and compositions
  • Variety of applications

Green chemistry is an approach focused on the development of processes aimed at reducing or even eliminating the use and production of substances that are harmful for the environment. Its main objective is to design chemical processes that minimise energy consumption, reduce waste production by using renewable raw materials.

Added value is measured by the nature of the molecules used. Some are conventional, such as caffeine, while others stand out by their multifunctionality. The innovative nature of a molecule defines the level of added value. This nature consists in its uniqueness, its capacity to introduce a disruptive active ingredient and the guarantee of superior quality.