Our sustainable commitments

At every stage of our journey, impact has been our compass, guiding our actions and giving birth to a project anchored in a sustainable vision.

Circular economy

We are firmly committed to integrating both circular economy and recyclability to the production and life cycle of all our products. Transforming coffee byproducts into responsible use demonstrates our commitment to human well-being and respect for the environment.

Life cycle analysis and carbon footprint

The essence of V.BIOTECH© is based on acute awareness of the need to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems to ensure sustainable activity. From the start, each V.BIOTECH© formulation and product incorporated careful considerations of environmental impacts, from design to final use.

Sustainable development

V.BIOTECH© adheres to five key United Nations Charter objectives and has the ever present ambition to strengthen these engagements by incorporating more objectives. Our entrepreneurial and societal policy is intrinsically anchored in the heart of our journey since the very beginning.