Passion, the driving force
behind our initiatives

Our journey

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V.E.R.A. devient V.BIOTECH©

• Molecules: Research and patents in progress.

• Matériaux : Vision d’un modèle industriel duplicable et à empreinte carbone réduite, V.BIOTECH© prévoit de produire ses propres biocomposites sur 2 sites dans 2 régions différentes.

• 2024-2025: First industrial site planned in the Grand Est region.

• 2025-2026: Second industrial site planned in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region.

• Establishment of a strategic board comprising several actors from industry, financial engineering, research and development, and automotive equipment.

• Start of R&D work on Molecules & Biomaterials.

• Creation of a catalog of formulations from coffee grounds for industrial use.

• Beginning of scale-up.

• First collaborations with companies and industries in Beta-Test.

In March 2022, Vera Chamarande, Yuchen Huang, and Florent Allais decided to combine their skills by creating the start-up V.E.R.A BIOTECH, an acronym for Valorization – Environment – Research – Application.

Based on a study conducted by Vera Chamarande, a consortium was formed comprising several universities: URCA, AgroParisTech, CentraleSupélec, primarily. The project will study for two years all possible and imaginable pathways of valorization from the by-products of the coffee sector.

In-depth study of coffee varieties during travels in producing countries. The botanical study begins, focusing on soils, species, varieties, environmental impacts, and health risks associated with the use of chemicals in coffee cultivation.

Conclusion: a document that reaches over 3000 pages and continues to be enriched today through the valorization pathways of this sector.

Vera Chamarande opened the first coffee shop “OMA Coffee” in Reims, quickly adopted by Sciences Po students. The place became a reference for the taste and organoleptic qualities of the coffees offered.

Our mission

We mix bio-based bioplastics to spent coffee grounds into 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable biomaterials for the industrial sector. We extract high added-value, multi-purpose molecules to formulate active ingredients for the cosmetics, nutraceuticals, agri-food and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Our vision

We aspire to become the European leader in a chain-reaction innovation model : “cascade process”, to upcycle all co-products of the coffee sector. By extending the spent coffee grounds’ life cycle, we want to exploit every possible resource available and give more purpose to coffee byproducts.

Our values guide our actions!


Human values are our firm belief. Our story is woven by a devoted passion for the coffee industry, where people remain at the heart of everything. Our many interactions with experts on top of the collaborations with different scientific and industrial partners have been part of our project’s foundation from the start.


Our partners’ expertise forms the kernel of our startup’s evolution. Each of them brings a unique know-how that gives our team a wealth of complementary skills: expertise in the coffee industry, in-depth knowledge of green chemistry and knowledge in industrial engineering.


Our will dictates the relationships we have with our different partners and collaborators. We are dedicated to keeping our promises and ensuring the full traceability of our products.


Every initiative we undertake is designed to have a positive and lasting impact on our planet. Our goal: to forge a better future, a precious legacy that we will leave to future generations.

Our most precious value:

The team

Florent Allais

CSO & Co-Founder

Green chemistry expert

Vera Chamarande

CEO & Founder

Coffee industry expert

Ranko Glavas

Senior Manager

Industrial engineering expert

Our Advisory Board

Grégory Givron

President, Ed in Tech

Financial engineering

Alexandre Brosse

Business Developer, Calyxia

Innovation in biotechnology and green chemistry, partnerships and business development

Terry Agullo Ponce

CEO, TAP International Group

Industrial strategy & Logistics

Thomas Berthaud

Michelin Project Director

Development Consultant

Yuchen Huang

Co-founder and Economist


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Entre science et technologie, V.BIOTECH© explore de nouveaux horizons dans le développement de produits et de matériaux biosourcés utilisant le marc de café comme ressource clé. Notre approche innovante de la biotechnologie vise à maximiser la valorisation de la matière première qu’est le café, ouvrant ainsi la voie à des solutions durables et responsables.