Spent coffee grounds,
a sustainable resource for the world

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tons of coffee grounds
per year available in France
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are used in cosmetics, agri-food industries, composting and biofuels
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of the global deposit is today valuable and renewable in the world

Our solutions

We extract high added-value, multi-purpose molecules to formulate active ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, agri-foods and pharmaceutical industry.

We assign real value to spent coffee grounds by transforming them into a sustainable resource, through the production of biocomposites aimed at creating innovative and disruptive bio-based materials, in order to provide an effective alternative to plastic.

A sustainable resource

By fully capitalizing on the properties of spent coffee grounds, we are resolutely committed to a responsible and environmental approach by deploying innovative and sustainable solutions.

Who are we

We aspire to become the European leader in a chain-reaction innovation model : “cascade process”, to upcycle all co-products of the coffee sector. By extending the spent coffee grounds’ life cycle, we want to exploit every possible resource available and give more purpose to coffee byproducts.

Our partners

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Industries targeted for the extraction of molecules with high added value:

  • Cosmetic
  • Agri-food
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pharmacy


Industries targeted for the transformation of pomace into biosourced materials:

  • Packaging
  • Interior and exterior layout
  • Equipment
  • Medical