Processing of spent coffee grounds in biosourced materials

V.BIOTECH© positions its products as a real alternative to plastic by offering innovative solutions to different industrial sectors.

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Industrial formulations

With the perspective to end the use of plastics by 2040, as per the “anti-waste” law, V.BIOTECH© will support its industrial partners and help them in the petroleum-based to bio-based transition.

V.BIOTECH© develops a wide range of formulations, which will allow their application to a wide variety of markets while we pursue the development of disruptive innovations through the R&D team. As coffee enthusiasts, each formulation is called after a variety of coffee.

Our targeted applications



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Targeted processes



3D printing



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Our second axis: Transformation of spent coffee grounds into biosourced materials.

  • True alternative to plastic
  • Biodegradable, recyclable or compostable biomaterials
  • Use of sustainable resources
  • Support towards the bio-based transition
  • In compliance with the 2040 anti-waste law
  • Innovation in industrial sectors
  • Variety of applications

Biomaterials are emerging as a real alternative to plastic, offering more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.